About us


CWENA is established to inspire, motivate, network, empower and support women to start and develop sustainable businesses and organizations.


To run effective entrepreneurship training and empowerment programs for women from all walks of life to start and run sustainable businesses and organisations.
To facilitate knowledge enhancement so as to build competency and confidence in entrepreneurship.
To create supportive platforms and offer network systems for Christian women across Africa to open up business opportunities and encourage growth.
To run Christian based inspirational programmes to motivate women to achieve their God given potential and create value in their communities, countries and continent at large.


• Christian ethos • Professionalism • Integrity • Empathy • Accountability • Commitment • Success • Respect • Passion • Community service and development
Who We Are

The Christian Women Entrepreneurs’ Network in Africa (CWENA)


CWENA is an organisation for women by women. The heart of this ministry is to serve the women of Africa by encouraging, equipping and facilitating the realization of their entrepreneurial dreams and goals. We are aware of the many challenges that African women face in life but we believe in the power of networks. We believe that when women flourish, their communities will flourish too. Women are primary caregivers and we believe that by caring for them, one is caring for society as well. CWENA commits itself to the economic empowerment of women in Africa.

Since 2013 CWENA  has  representatives  from   many  African countries such as South Africa, Cameroon, Kenya, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, DRC, Uganda, Nigeria, Rwanda, Lesotho, Gabon, just to name but a few.  These representatives are equipped and encouraged to reach out to their respective communities and countries. 

Our Programmes

CWENA commits to the economic empowerment of women in Africa

CWENA offers women from all walks of life practical business training skills to enable start up businesses and organisations, motivate growth in existing businesses and encourage sustainability through business coaching.

Business Inspiration Breakfast

Quarterly breakfast meetings that bring women from all walks of life

Coaching and Mentorship Program

Business coaching and mentorship program supported by professionals

Skills Development Training

Skills and enterprise development is critical in preparing the youth for their careers

Business Skills Training

Developing women into business entrepreneurs with deeper knowledge of business challenges

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